By supporting the Kabbalah Centre you are helping to affect the greatest amount of change at the most fundamental level.

Kabbalah Centre locations and Student Support outreach services have delivered life-changing kabbalistic wisdom and tools to millions of people worldwide. The Best Kept Secret free introductory events have shared the teachings with over 15,000 newcomers so far, and Kabbalah University ( provides a vital link for students spanning 70 countries. Each year tens of thousands of Kabbalah Centre publications are purchased in bookstores around the world, and translated into various languages. Utilizing the many technological platforms available today, the Kabbalah Centre is constantly developing new methods for making the transformational wisdom of Kabbalah available to all. With the launch of Kabbalah Museum (, the Centre has created a virtual archive to preserve and showcase rare manuscripts spanning the lineage of great kabbalists throughout the ages.

Community Outreach activities enable local Kabbalah Centre students to put the concept of sharing into action by volunteering their time to help those in need through toy drives, meal programs and special events to benefit the community.

Your kind support, whether through a special gift or ongoing tithing contributions, directly impacts the lives of others as they discover the practical wisdom of Kabbalah for themselves.



Kabbalah is not a philosophy or theosophy. Kabbalah is work to be done. The kabbalists of the past were people of action. They were constantly traveling from town to town, giving charity, and assisting people in creating better lives for themselves.

This is why, in addition to classes and events, The Kabbalah Centre created The Kabbalah Centre Charitable Foundation (KCCF). The Foundation is committed to sharing financial and other resources to people in need, as well as creating long-term programs that benefit the local and global community. This is achieved by identifying urgent and critical needs around the world and establishing effective responses that address the unique circumstances.

The KCCF has played a role in numerous disaster relief efforts including the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, and the creation of ‘Project Haiti’ to address recovery efforts following the devastating earthquake in Haiti.



The single mission of the Zohar Project is to share the Zohar with the purpose of illuminating the world with spiritual light and therefore removing negativity.

As many of us have come to know, The Zohar – the kabbalistic commentary on biblical and spiritual matters composed over 2,000 years ago, is not merely made of paper and ink. In truth, it is a brightly shining star of spiritual light. When only one star shines, the shadows may be held in check, but darkness nevertheless encroaches. When thousands of stars shine, they create a galaxy of light that can never be extinguished. By publishing and distributing the Zohar, The Kabbalah Centre is spreading a spiritual light whose destiny is to illuminate the entire world.

A network of 142 Zohar Project volunteer teams spanning 95 countries around the world are committed to distributing free copies of the Zohar to local organizations in recognition of their service to the community. In the last year alone, over 50,000 Zohars have been donated to hospitals, embassies, places of worship, universities, non-profits, emergency services, pilots, troops, presidents, medical professionals, humanitarian aid workers and more.

The Kabbalah Centre receives countless letters of gratitude from Zohar recipients as a result of this global distribution. Many recipients describe positive occurrences which they attribute to the connection they have with the Zohar.

By supporting the Zohar Project, you are not only helping to fulfill the vision of this historical initiative, but helping to create a new reality of peace and serenity in the world.



The Kabbalah Centre is committed to making the wisdom of Kabbalah available to all people. The Kabbalah Centre Scholarship Fund welcomes people of challenged economic circumstances to apply for assistance to receive study materials that will further their understanding of Kabbalah. The Fund has provided thousands of scholarships for kabbalah tools, online courses, and books to students who are unable to meet the cost of studying. One of the most powerful tools for transformation, the Living Kabbalah System has been shared with hundreds of scholarship recipients over the last year alone.

There’s no greater way to reveal Light, than to assist others in their transformation.

Since I have taken kabbalah classes my life has changed for better. I thank you very much for giving me the chance to learn this valuable teaching and experience more peace and joy in my life. May I be able to give back by helping as a volunteer in the KabbalahCentre.

-Rosa. Scholarship recipient

To support the Kabbalah Centre, or any of our charitable projects you can make a donation by contacting Donor Care at 800-1700517 (toll free) / +44 2031500461 or email: