The Secret History of the Zohar

This concise history of the mystical book known to kabbalists as the Zohar is a virtual timeline showing its connection with great figures and events. The book addresses the myths surrounding this work, and covers who first revealed it, who wrote it down, and who studied it: prominent minds from Plato to the Knights Templar, to Sir Isaac Newton and present-day movers and shakers. Scholar Michael Berg clearly demonstrates that the Zohar and Kabbalah have had a profound influence on all the major disciplines, from literature and art to medicine and science.

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Secrets of the Zohar

The Zohar’s secrets have never been revealed quite as they are here in these pages, which decipher the codes behind the words of the ancient sages, and show how every person can apply the wisdom of Kabbalah to make their life infinitely better.

Michael Berg, renowned scholar and editor of the first-ever complete English translation of the 23-volume Zohar, interprets its “best” stories, and offers a special meditation for each one. The original Aramaic letters and words are included, to scan and to read aloud. (According to the greatest sages of Kabbalah, The Light of the Creator is embodied in the Zohar’s very letters and words. Scanning it in the original Aramaic is as important as reading its translation and understanding its relevance to daily life.)

Each chapter begins with a clear explanation of what follows it: a particular portion of the Zohar that presents wisdom to address many of life’s challenges—fears, the need for inspiration, the search for a soulmate, the purpose of spiritual work—all presented side by side in both Aramaic and its English translation.

Secrets of the Zohar features the most essential passages from the 23-volume Zohar set. This unique presentation allows readers to draw on the Zohar’s full energy to achieve true spiritual transformation, joy and fulfillment — beginning right now.

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The Sacred Zohar

For the first time ever, here is the complete text of the Zohar in a single volume, in its original, ancient language of Aramaic. Just having the Zohar in your possession brings amazing power into your life that manifests in three essential ways: protection, connection, and transformation. Scanning its letters opens an unlimited channel to the Light. Featuring an introduction in English by Kabbalist Rav Berg and another by Zohar scholar Michael Berg, this deluxe casebound edition is more than 1,800 pages long, with a handsome black leatherette cover stamped in silver foil. It is truly a collector’s item that belongs in every home.

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Pocket Size Zohar – Pinchas

The Zohar is not only a book of Kabbalistic teachings and wisdom. It is a powerful tool for protection from physical illness and danger in all forms. This concise one-volume edition, written in the original Aramaic language, contains the section of the Zohar that specifically deals with healing. By keeping it with you or giving it to those you love, you can insure health in a world fraught with chaos and negativity. This miniature volume is ideal for travel bags, your car, children’s backpacks, and even in your purse. Don’t leave home without it!

Book text in Arameic with introduction in English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Persian, Russian.

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