Kabbalistic Astrology is a major tool in discovering your true purpose in life. You were born with special gifts and specific challenges particular to your astrological chart. The constellation that you were born under is your own personal instruction manual and knowing it better will help you navigate through your life with much less chaos.

The knowledge gained from an Astrological chart reading helps you achieve your potential, learn more about yourself and gives helpful tips on how to better communicate and express your ideas, visions, and inner feelings while learning how to successfully relate to others in the process.

Providing you with that unique wisdom is the exciting purpose of each chart reading – a practical guide for immediate use.

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Naomi Zohar

A Kabbalistic Astrologist with more than 8 years of experience in the Kabbalah Center Naomi specializes in natal charts, geographical maps, birthday charts and analysis with a recommendation for spiritual development.

As part of the European team of teachers, Naomi has performed many different functions in the Kabbalah Center. However, her heart is always with the students. After her Astrology study at the Kabbalah Center, she spends an increasingly large part of her time giving Astrology lectures and individual Atrology Charts.


Kabbalistic Astrology Readings

An Astrology chart reading takes 45 minutes and can cover business partnerships, company launches, strategic planning, personal relationships and geographical situations.

Types of chart readings:

Natal Birth Chart Reading – 1st time reading
This reading will penetrate to the core of your soul, past lives, choices and belief systems, what you still carry to overcome, rather than what you are burdened by. It shows who you are now, your challenges and therefore provides the path to greatest fulfilment. 

This reading is appropriate for most first-time clients.

Progression and Transits Reading – Looking for the year(s) ahead
This reading dwells in your coming year or specific periods of time, openings, possibilities and challenges. It provides a glimpse of the future allowing you to prepare and take better decisions.

There is never a moment when we are unable to choose and there is never a choice that is inconsequential. At every point in our lives, our decisions impact our destiny. Some of these decisions may seem to affect only ourselves, but most of our decisions will have consequences that also impact lives of others. The question most of us have is “How do we identify choices which can create positive consequences and protect ourselves from making choices that do not?”

It is recommended that a natal chart is done prior to the progression of transition chart.

Comparison and Synastry Readings – between you & a partner, friend, child, colleague
This reading will cover specific relationships between husband and wife, parents and children, siblings, boss and employees as well as many others. It will delve into the core of a relationship, where the connection comes from, how to make it flourish and enrich it, what are the challenges and how to better communicate in difficult situations?

In a synastry chart Naomi looks at two or more charts from any type of relationship’s perspective, the chart’s interactions and the larger potentials they create together.

It is recommended that a natal chart is done by each party prior to the comparison or synastry chart to provide a more accurate reading.

Readings FAQ

  • Readings last around 45 minutes
  • Please provide accurate time of BIRTH as stated on your birth certificate or hospital records. If you are not sure of the time please contact us
  • For comparison charts please provide the place where you met the other person
  • Naomi’s waiting list is 2/3 months so please book early
  • In general Naomi asks that you have a natal reading with her before schedule a progression chart reading
  • For a Synastry chart reading Naomi recommends that both parties have a natal chart reading each prior to the comparison reading as she will be able to give you more accurate information
  • Any cancellation within less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged 50% of the Astrology reading price.
  • Please provide any questions or anything specific you would like to know or any particular areas of focus you are interested in prior to your reading
  • A recording of the reading will be sent within one to two weeks. Please note that recordings are not always guaranteed due to technical issues


Natal Birth Chart Reading

Price: 150 €

For more Information: Naomi.zohar@kabbalah.com