Kabbalah Levels 2 & 3 Video Course [Eng]

Kabbalah is a timeless spiritual wisdom which provides practical tools for creating joy and lasting fulfillment. In Kabbalah Level 1, you began learning the foundations of Kabbalah.

The Kabbalah Basic Level 2 & 3 video courses are the best way to continue to deepen your study and begin integrating the wisdom of Kabbalah into your daily life.

This sixteen session video course, will allow you to learn and study at your own pace.

Some of the topics covered include: extensions of the ego, developing true prosperity, the four phases of creating true desire, reincarnation, the influence of astrology and much more.

No matter what religion or background you come from, Kabbalah has the power to give your life new meaning and fulfillment.

Price: 72€ 

Language: English