Kabbalah 2 Video Course [Eng]

Basic Kabbalah Level 2: 49 €

Basic Kabbalah Level 2 & 3:  72 €

Lesson 1: Identifying Our Personal Tikun


  • Identifying our personal tikun
  • Seeing more negativity and blockages as we grow
  • The essence of spiritual work is to remove our ego
  • The story of the ten thieves
  • Gradually identifying our tikun (correction)
  • Two areas of spiritual work:
    1. Actions and tools to bring Light into our lives
    2. Recognizing our negativity
  • The essence of Kabbalah is change
  • Pain, discomfort and negativity: negative actions feed the Klipot, shells of negativity or blockages
  • Unexplainable fears indicate that Klipot control that area of life
  • Pain indicates that the Klipot are blocking us
  • Embracing pain by asking for more
  • Homework: pick two uncomfortable situations, embrace pain and go against them
  • Being joyful as we transform our nature
  • Putting ourselves in others’ shoes when they do not support us
  • Dealing with death


Lesson 2: The Five Extensions of the Ego


  • The five extensions of the ego
    1. Anger: being addicted to our way
    2. Judgment: believing we are above others
    3. Control: the inability to work together
    4. Pride: respecting ourselves as channels for the Light
    5. Hate: the ultimate disconnection and not seeing the Light in others
  • The Opponent uses the ego to make us forget about the 99%
  • Entitlement and ego
  • Identifying which of the five extensions of ego is the most dominant in us
  • Asking for help and appreciating the Light
  • Joy at our ego’s rejection
  • The intention behind judgment


Lesson 3: Building True Desire


  • Four levels of desire
    1. No desire
    2. Trying
    3. Really Trying
    4. Doing it no matter what
  • Identifying our dark holes
  • Controlling the Opponent by observing him
  • Finding ways to be a giver instead of a receiver
  • Injecting certainty
  • Scanning the Zohar to inject light
  • Enlightening the power of our soul and Binah consciousness
  • Building a true desire
  • Observing our dark holes
  • Changing our consciousness from receiver to giver
  • Igniting our soul


Lesson 4: Overcoming the Illusion of Time, Space and Motion


  • Time and space are illusions
  • Believing we are separated
  • Problems caused by the illusion of time
  • Nothing is random: cause and effect exists between yesterday, today and tomorrow
  • Love thy neighbor as thy self: love and unity are the same
  • Eliminating space between ourselves and others
  • Focusing on the present and filling our basket with the proper intention
  • Injecting energy in the present with our intention and actions
  • The future exists in the present
  • Observing our reactions in the present is the first step to coming out of our reaction
  • Repentance (teshuvah): going back in time to remove our negative actions
  • Four steps to repentance
    1. Identify the action that caused pain
    2. feel the pain that we caused
    3. Replay the scenario while performing the action differently
    4. Commit to acting differently in the future
  • Dealing with negative people
  • Choosing our environment
  • Identifying our tikun
  • How our transformation and connections help others


Lesson 5: Creating Prosperity


  • Money is a physical manifestation of the Light
  • We are the managers of money, not owners
  • Real security is knowing the Light provides when we are channels
  • Appreciating the Light in money from a penny to a billion
  • Receiving money without guilt
  • The fear of lacking money: realizing our sustenance comes from the Light
  • Giving and sharing our time and money to have more Light and sustenance in our lives
  • Tithing: giving 10-20% of our money to enable the 99% energy of  the money and remove the 1% limitations
  • Meditating on Samech-Alef-Lamed from the 72 Names of God
  • The Kabbalah Centre’s outreach projects
  • Deciding where to give
  • Clearing debts to open channels for sustenance
  • Handling an inheritance
  • Not being dependent on money: knowing that we can live without our happiness being dependent on money

Lesson 6: Connecting with Miracles


  • Miracles: going against our nature to tap into the 99%
  • “The Light is our shadow”: knowing that the Light is always there for us
  • Injecting real, proactive excitement into our actions and consciousness rather than reactive excitement based on what is happening to us
  • Thinking big: always breaking limitations and the illusions of the Opponent
  • Mind over matter: overcoming our emotions and doubt with the power of our consciousness
  • Believing in ourselves and overcoming our limited belief systems
  • Removing negativity and chaos from our lives by helping others transform their nature
  • Connecting to the New Year of the Plant Kingdom: defying gravity and strengthening our ability to restrict