In these days of growing chaos appearing all around us, nobody needs convincing that the world is ready for a great and positive change. At the Kabbalah Centre, we believe that the study of Kabbalah is the fastest, most effective way to achieve that. That’s why we are mobilizing ourselves to implement a new way of reaching more people.

Kabbalah is a consciousness. It is not the four walls of the Kabbalah Centre, and with this idea we are starting the ‘Kabbalah Comes to You’ project by bringing Kabbalah to the people.

Being a part of the “Kabbalah Comes to You” project allows you to share Kabbalah with your friends, family, business colleagues and acquaintances in the comfort of your home or office.

Preparing for “Kabbalah Comes to You” is quite simple and exciting. The following steps are a suggested guide based on the experience of the students who have had successful results.

Step 1: Date
Choose a date with your teacher to have a Kabbalah lecture presented in your home or office.
Step 2: Theme of the Lecture
Choose a topic for the lecture that will be of interest for your guests. Some examples include (but are not in any way limited to): The Power of Kabbalah, Love & Relationships, Business, Success & Wellbeing, Astrology, Reincarnation, Health/Healing, Parenting, etc.
Step 3: Guest List
Make a list of people you will invite to the lecture. Begin with family, neighbors, friends, business and personal acquaintances. Please keep an open mind. The person you would least likely expect to attend might desire Kabbalah the most. We suggest that you target as many people to attend as you can think of. We know from experience that a number of people will not attend (even if they say they will). This is to be expected. We will still be there to give the lecture.
Step 4: Invitations
We have discovered from experience that any of kind of written invitation, whether email or via postal mail followed up with a phone call produces the best results. If you would like the help of Kabbalah Centre Europe’s marketing and graphics departments with the text and graphics, please inform your teacher. We recommend inviting your guests three weeks before the date.
Step 5: Reminder of Event
Two to three days prior to the event, call the people you invited and remind them to attend the presentation. Please encourage them to bring guests.

Step 6: Introduction
Prepare a short greeting to introduce the teacher, welcome the guests, and thank them for coming. Feel free to personalize this introduction and give an example of how you have benefited from the wisdom of Kabbalah. Do remind the guests to turn off their cell-phones during the lecture. The teacher will speak for approximately 45 minutes. At the end of the session, there will be a time for Q A.

Step 7: Room Set-up
Offering light refreshments and snacks is a good way to have the guests meet each other as well as to give your friends/colleagues the opportunity to meet and speak to the teacher. On the evening of the event, prepare your home/office with adequate seating for all of your guests. Make sure the room is set up for the speaker to make his or her presentation.

Step 8: Thank you
At the conclusion of the presentation, thank the teacher and guests again. Invite them to stay and speak with the teacher, interact with other guests and enjoy your refreshments. Make sure each attendee has provided you with his/ her contact information.

Invite them to attend up-coming events taking place within your Study Group. If possible, have flyers prepared in advance for the various courses, lectures, etc. that will be taking place in your area.

Step 9: Conclusion of Event & Follow-up
After the event please provide a copy of the list of attendees and their contact information to your teacher at the Kabbalah Centre. Personally speak to each attendee to get their feed-back and to see if they would be interested in any of the following options for continuation:

  • Hosting a free lecture in their homes among their circle of friends and family.
  • Having a personal meeting with the teacher.
  • Providing them with information regarding the Kabbalah Europe website and your country’s Facebook page as well as a list of suggested reading if they decide to continue learning on their own.

The following suggestions have come from students who successfully hosted Kabbalah lectures in their homes:

Refreshments: Prepare light snacks for your guests. It can be as simple or elaborate as you like. Keep the food and beverages in one area.

A Warm Environment: Create a warm and comfortable environment. You can also light aroma candles and decorate the room with flowers to give it a warm yet professional environment. Warmly welcome your guests and introduce them to other attendees. Very important: have a pad and pen available to take down the attendee’s name, address, telephone number and email address.

Your Student Support Team: You can invite fellow students from the Kabbalah Centre to assist you that evening. They can help with the room set-up and clean-up, serving refreshments, greeting and speaking to your guests.

THANK YOU for Spreading the Light