The Kabbalah Centre’s Volunteer Program is the foundation upon which The Kabbalah Centre is built. It provides a safe and organized framework for students to discover the fulfillment found in sharing and giving of themselves.

What do Kabbalah Centre Volunteers do? You can find us mentoring new students, visiting the sick, feeding the homeless, rejuvenating hospitals, and constantly seeking out ways to be of service. We distribute Zohar books and plan a host of activities in our own community.

  • Connect with other Kabbalah Centre Europe students in your community.
  • Apply the tools and principles learned in classes.
  • Receive support from others for your own spiritual transformation.
  • Enjoy personal fulfilment that comes from the Light you receive from sharing.

For additional information contact Carmela Sheyn at

If you have good writing skills, and a good command of English then we are looking for you! Help make the wisdom of Kabbalah accessible to everyone.

How? By translating subtitles for recorded courses, promotional materials about upcoming events, Karen Berg’s “Daily Consciousness”, different teachings from the Rav, and much more!

By being constantly exposed to all different types of enlightening materials, as well as working as a channel for countless people, being part of our Translation Team will really give you the opportunity to learn, connect and transform.

For centuries, Kabbalists have taught that the end of pain, suffering and death will come to our world only when the Zohar and its spiritual wisdom are actively revealed to a critical mass of people.

The Zohar Project is a volunteer movement dedicated to bringing the power of the Zohar to every corner of the world. Tens of thousands of copies of The Zohar have already been donated to organizations and individuals around the world, including police stations, fire and ambulance emergency services, hospitals, prisons, schools, universities, airlines, businesses, government buildings, and institutions from all faiths.

The Zohar Project team will give you the opportunity to connect to the Zohar on a deeper level by sharing it with others.

Put your creative and organizational skills to good use by joining the team that executes all Kabbalah Centre events.

Being a part of this team gives you the opportunity to receive the energy of the events in a more meaningful way. We are here to help our students and community share, transform and connect.

According to the spiritual teachings, the highest form of sharing is by motivating another human being to truly grow and transform.

Our devoted call team reaches out to people who have shown an interest to study and invites them to courses and events.

You never know what kind of impact your words can have, or what kind of difference you are able to make in somebody else’s life.

Join Kabbalah Centre Europe as it collaborates with other organizations. Our volunteers share in common one passionate vision – to invest time in helping different communities in their area.

As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to assist in various humanitarian activities and create a sense of fulfillment and unconditional love to those who need it the most, like children, refugees, and homeless people.

Our dedicated social media team keeps our thousands of followers on Facebook pages, updated and connected.

They post the “Daily Consciousness” by Karen Berg and keep people updated with events, courses and community life. Further still, they are always thinking of creative, unique ideas to keep the pages live and intriguing.