Love:  Opening the Channel  

We all want to love and be loved. There is an important spiritual law that when understood and lived can transform the Love in our life. First we need to know that the capacity to love and the quality of our love is a gift from the Creator.

Secondly, the more a person uses the love that is given to him in a sharing and positive way the more love he is given to share. Alternately if we use the love given to us in a selfish way and in a negative way, then our capacity to love will diminish.

This is a powerful lesson that we need to truly internalize. We should clearly envision the supernal channels of love and our ability to open them or close them.

Before we are about to use our capacity to love in a selfish or negative way we should realize that we are in effect influencing the supernal channel of love, causing it to diminish its flow to us. Conversely, we should find every opportunity to share our love as much as possible. Understanding, that the more love we share, the more we cause the supernal channel of love to open and flow to us, more and more. Thereby increasing the capacity and quality of our love.

It is important to realize that we not only effect our own capacity to love, but we also influence the amount to which the channels of love open and close for the world. Every time we use our capacity to love in a sharing way we also open up the channel of love wider for the entire world. And, every time we use our love in a selfish and negative way we constrict the flow of love into the world, thereby making it more difficult for others to love. One thing is certain about the world today: there is not enough love being shared by enough people, and we need to understand that we are all responsible for this.

This is truly an amazing and beautiful lesson. We should be careful not to allow its seeming simplicity to blind us to its importance. If we understand and practice this lesson we will not only increase the amount and quality of love that we have in our lives, but also the amount of love that is revealed in the world.

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