The Power of the Hebrew Letters

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The Power of the Hebrew Letters

February 5 - March 11

“The Hebrew letters – twenty-two distinct and astonishingly powerful energy-intelligences—are animated by a spiritual force more immense than the energy contained within the atom. But the Alef Bet is of no practical use if we do not understand how to connect ourselves to its inherent energy. Kabbalah is a technology that gives us access to this life affirming, all-powerful system.” Rav Berg 

For the kabbalist, the divine language, formed by the Alef Bet, is the substance of reality.
The letters of this spiritual vocabulary are the elements of the profoundest, and most fundamental level of intelligence and understanding. Contemplation of these letters leads to an awareness of the unity and mutual interrelationship of all phenomena, and therefore to new states of consciousness. Thus, the Alef Bet provides direct experience of all that exists as an interlocking manifestation of a single, all-pervasive cosmic unity.

Join us for an insightful course as we delve into the technology behind the Hebrew letters and explore how the letters act like “nano robots” and how we can use specific words and letters to channel our ideas.


Online class – 6 weeks

Starting 5.2.2020 at 20:00 CET

Price: 100 €

FREE for KMP members 

Language: English


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February 5
March 11